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Full Version: Hangzhou Zhongcheng Machine Co., Ltd
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Founded in 1995, Hangzhou ZhongCheng Machine Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specialized in developing and manufacturing high speed accurate sheet metal coil slitting & cutting devices. Our slitting lines could achieve speed limits of up to 300m/min, tolerance within ±0.05mm; and the coil cutting lines at maximum 100m/min, tolerance within ±0.15mm, suitable to be used on metal materials of thickness between 0.13mm – 3.00mm, width between 500mm to 1850mm.

Zhongcheng has the wide range of uncoilers, straighteners, feeders, pinhole & thickness detectors and accessories for the stamping industry with automatic inspection and classification for the sheet metal processing industry. In the past 5 years, ZhongCheng has sold over 200 production lines and is now a well-known brand in the field, whose production lines are widely used in can makers, steel mills, metal printers, service centers, aluminum mills, etc.

Hangzhou Zhongcheng Machine Co., Ltd
Add.: NO. 130 Yuzhang Road, Hangzhou, China
Tel: 0086-571-88152239 Fax: 0086-88139470
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