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Eurocan MK6 EF Compound Gun Service
30-12-2014, 03:15 PM (This post was last modified: 30-12-2014 07:00 PM by John Jenner.)
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Photo RE: Eurocan MK6 EF Compound Gun Service
The assembly of this MK6 EF compound gun is being done in conjunction with the build and repair of two other units.

The first procedure is to fit the bushes in the upper and lower solenoid plates.

[Image: 2014-12-13141426_zpsba1f1041.jpg]
[Image: 2014-12-13143617_zps8f094bbb.jpg]

After being pressed home, each bush is reamed by hand to ensure the correct slide fit with the needle and anvil stud.

[Image: 2014-12-13144909_zps2b369750.jpg]

Now the upper solenoids are attached to the upper solenoid plates. It is really important that the correct specification screws are used. Incorrect screws can damage the brass thread in the solenoid casing, and pierce the plastic covering on the solenoid coil.

[Image: 2014-12-13145046_zps5edff227.jpg]

The anvil stud is then fitted and screwed into the armature with a drop of Loctite thread locker.

[Image: 2014-12-13145313_zpsa373b595.jpg]
[Image: 2014-12-13145608_zps62f41d23.jpg]
[Image: 2014-12-13145826_zps559bf0da.jpg]

A special flat spanner is provided to hold on the internal flats of the armature whilst tightening the anvil stud.

[Image: 2014-12-13150125_zps129c45da.jpg]

The lower solenoids are attached to the lower solenoid plates together with the adapter plates using the special low head socket cap screws.

[Image: 2014-12-13150729_zpsf2a5a1fa.jpg]
[Image: 2014-12-13151007_zps4ae3938e.jpg]

The armature washer sits on the bottom face of the armature.

[Image: 2014-12-13151039_zps163ea153.jpg]
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